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Normal aircraft tracking Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs in short, announced by ICAO as part of the GADSS concept) will go into effect later in 2018 and require larger aircraft operators to meet mandatory tracking- and GADSS warning standards. Consequently, we will soon release a basic stand-alone version of what is to become a new fully compliant flight tracking solution within the upcoming OpsControl module for PPS.  

The flight tracking solution will be based on an all-sources integration interface and be able to support common data feeds from for example ACARS, EUROCONTROL and terrestrial-/space-based ADS-B networks. Optimal collection of not only in-flight but also various terrestrial data such as on/off block times, take-off/landing times, parking locations and taxi movements will of course be available.

Peter Gravesen, CCO at AIR SUPPORT A/S, states:
"Many customers have already shown great interest in the flight tracking solution. Fully comitted, we have therefore already collected the first firm orders and also expect a lot more to come in during the coming weeks. In this initial development phase, several of our customers have also been invited to participate in an external testing process - only that way we get the most valuable feedback of all and ensure that the end product lives up to our customers' expectations."

News and updates regarding the flight tracking solution will be announced on our website and in the PPS News newsletter during the coming months.


The upcoming flight tracking solution features convenient zoom functionality, globe or flat visual layout options and highly detailed and informative airport mapping.