• Expertise. Guaranteed.

    Expertise. Guaranteed.

    We deliver cutting-edge flight planning software solutions to the global aviation industry.
    We've been doing it for more than 30 years. Our expertise is your guarantee.


  • Seamless Integrations

    Seamless Integrations

    The PPS Flight Planning System integrates with an extensive array of 3rd party aviation software applications and systems. Reap the benefits of its unmatched flexibility - both now and in the future.


  • Mobile CrewBriefing

    Mobile CrewBriefing

    The perfect cloud-based CrewBriefing solution for flight preparations. Instant syncronization with the PPS Flight Planning System provides real-time access to detailed briefing packages -
    no matter where you are.


  • Increase Profits

    Increase Profits

    Make your operation more profitable by planning your flights based on total costs. Get a quick and simple overview when choosing your route. Welcome to total cost optimization.


  • Superb Support

    Superb Support

    We deliver professional and personal support service 24/7 throughout the year. Guaranteed.
    90% of all respondents in our Customer Satisfaction Survey 2019 were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with the quality of our support service.


Key Features & Benefits

Great Usability

Usability is not something we add – we design it into our flight planning software solution. Benefit from a very adaptable, efficient and easy-to-use user interface and let your dispatchers quickly learn how to create, file and review a flight plan within minutes. Preview your flight log in real-time and get instant access to your complete briefing package via CrewBriefing. Save valuable time and increase productivity.

Total Cost Optimization

Start planning on total cost calculated on a per-leg basis, resulting in lower operating costs per hour for you and improved cash flows. Be more competitive and strenghten your market position. We enable your dispatcher to make the optimization method used based on specific mission criteria – no two flights are the same and different objectives or constraints warrant different optimization methods. These criteria may also change mid-flight. Therefore, we also provide the most relevant data in order to act and make good operational decisions in an efficient way, even if the mission objective has changed.

Unmatched Flexibility

Why buy a one-stop solution for your entire operation if it means changing one or more existing systems to less effective ones? In contrast, our highly customizable flight planning software solution makes up the most flexible platform on the market today, allowing for seamless integrations to numerous valuable add-ons and well-reputed 3rd party aviation software systems, for example via API- or SOAP protocols. With a tailored PPS Flight Planning System we supply you with the tools to implement a cost-efficient integrated OCC.

Full Customization

We have a different approach to flight planning. We don't offer a standard flight planning software solution as we consider that impossible. No flight ops or OCC department is the same – each one is unique. A unique operation demands a unique, customized solution. In fact, all of our 400+ customers have the same flight planning platform, but none of them have the same flight planning system. You define the operational needs – on that basis we customize the flight planning system for you. Also exploit the highly customizable data editor, which enables you to meet changing operational needs over time. Increase operational efficiency and adaptability.

Powerful CrewBriefing

Generate cutting-edge and fully trip-tailored briefing packages for your crews. Our unique web service CrewBriefing is much more than just a delivery gateway of the briefing package to the pilots, since it also holds all the data you collect from airports, handlers, aircraft and much more. With CrewBriefing you can save useful knowledge from previous flights and make it available the next time you fly to a specific destination - both on desktop and mobile.

Workflow Automation

Automate traditional workflows with the AutoDispatch and AutoFiling add-ons supported by the fully automated internet-based AMEXSY flight plan filing system. Significantly reduce dispatch workload via Runway-2-Runway planning when searching and selecting SIDs/STARs for routes. Free up precious resources and start focusing on other more important matters in your busy operational environment. With PPS you can rationalize and simplify your flight planning processes significantly based on its great utility and state-of-the-art route generator.

Dynamic Calculations

Achieve fully automatic optimization and selection of the minimum production cost routing and best economical FL profile for all flights in relation to actual weight and forecasted enroute winds and temperatures. Based on aircraft performance data from either Boeing’s BPS system, Airbus’ PEP system or other original data sources by aircraft manufacturers, PPS makes dynamic calculations on the fly. The performance data allows for calculation of various speed configurations for climb, cruise and descent, including dynamic cost index.

Competitive Pricing & Terms

We offer highly tailored flight planning software solutions based on decades of experience – but we don't charge premium prices. Our pricing isn't only highly competitive, but also comes with very favorable terms & conditions. Moreover, our monthly-based subscription plans means you're of course only being charged based on aircraft in operation. The conclusion? You get one of the most cost-effective and flexible arrangements on the market today.

Superb Support

With a high-quality product follows high-quality support. We deliver professional and personal support service 24/7 throughout the year. Our dedicated team of both Level 1 and Level 2 support specialists, comprised of service-minded aviators and software engineers with years of experience, is ready to assist you anywhere anytime.

R&D Focus

We want to change the perception of Flight Operations Systems. That's our vision. We listen to our customers and know that through innovation and cooperation, we can achieve great results together. That's why we reinvest 25% of our annual revenue back into R&D to ensure a modern high-quality product portfolio, which satisfies the needs of our customers while complying with newest standards and requirements in the aviation industry.

Flight Watch

Flight Watch is your premium flight tracking solution designed for aviation use. Based on its seamless integration with the PPS Flight Planning System, situational awareness and easy monitoring of flight status is achieved. Your dispatchers can continuously monitor planned flights vs. actual (live) flights and extract necessary data for post flight analysis. Start planning on facts - not on theoretical data models.