Our flight service provider (FSP) concept appeals to both large fleet operators as well as ad-hoc operators, who wish to sell flight planning services. Regardless of which price structure you choose to follow, a subscription gives you access to PPS, incl. free route analysis, global WX updates, NAV updates and core system upgrades. The unique web-service CrewBriefing will also be accessible at all times. 


With a pay-per-use arrangement, a monthly subscription consists of a minor license fee combined with a pay-per-use price rate per flight plan. This ensures a very low implementation cost. Running costs will always follow your production level. Thus, volume discounts apply to pay-per-use rates depending on how many flight plans you file on a monthly basis.


Alternatively, specific aircraft tails can also be placed in a flat-rate arrangement. This is an ideal option for aircraft operated on a more regular basis.