Apart from being a state-of-the-art flight planning solution, PPS offers these extra options for our military customers:

Crash Airport is designed for single engine fighter jets and displays a list of closest airports according to flight time in minutes in the event of engine malfunction.  

Inflight refueling gives the dispatcher the possibility to schedule a fuel up/off-lift in the air. Select the place/waypoint of the up/off-lift of the fuel with ease and specify how much fuel to transfer and the time required. PPS will perform the necessary calculations display results on the operational flight plan. 

Full control of all performance data and aircraft data in your own secure military servers - nothing needs to be stored on servers outside of your organization. Unlike other systems where all data is stored in the cloud, you have full control of your system and files, which are installed on your secure military servers.

Centralized/de-centralized control of PPS is a function used by our major military customers. Each squadron/base has PPS installed onsite with multiple stations, making flight plans/missions only for their squadron. But in the event that the base/squadron is not operational for any reason, the Centralized Control Unit (CCU) will be able to continue making flight plans for these squadrons if the military service and synchronization is enabled. This way the military CCU (usually located at a secure location) will be able to to monitor and assist any squadron/base should they require assistance.

Border intersections will display all entry and exist points on your route with a click. Thus, diplomatic clearance and permits for your state and military operations can be requested very fast and easily.